You read this ?

I recently found out.
That people ACTUALLY read this.
Here's some notes on things i've been doing/thinking.

1. If I can't call you, don't leave me messages that say stuff like "Oh, please be there!" while it makes me feel loved, I worry, and you don't have a phone number. :( indeed.

2. Ok, if you are on American Idol, I feel free to judge you. Everything. Outfit, body type, voice. EVERYTHING. And you deserve it for being on reality TV.

3. Atheists are funnier.

4. Professors shouldn't be allowed to teach without any educational training or skills. A ph.d in economics does not equal ability to teach.

5. Education today is totally screwed up.

6. This 5 star iTunes playlist is brilliant. (Now playing: Paul Kelly: Forty-Eight Angels)

7. This blog has many many Paul Kelly references. Even the title...especially the title...

8. I've mailed packages to Rochester and Sweden this week.

9. www.televisionwithoutpity.com

10. Hey whomever's writing One Live to Live, it's finally climbing out of the hole. Not bad.

11. Man I can't believe people actually read this. I feel like, almost pressured to be not idiotic and boring. oh man...maybe more links...?

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re: #3--