Today's Heroes

Prof. McGlennon for being a reasonable person and pushing back the due date for our paper.
Steve M. for his Pepsi cap that got Love in an Elevator downloaded free.


Lots of love this week

So much love to Bryan. So much.
Also, much love this week to Matt, who will be our king.
Also, to the cast of Murphy Brown, I love you all. Especially you, Charles Kimbrough.

I decided top ten lists are fun, heres another one:
The Top Ten Reasons I Heart iTunes:

10. Alphabetical Order: we all know I love it.

9. I can spend an afternoon rating all of my songs out of five stars.

8. After rating all of my songs I can make smart playlists with the information I've given iTunes in ratings and frequently played songs, then I can put those lists onto ClydePod and listen to them everywhere.

7. Magnatune Radio.

6. Celtic Melt.

5. CoS Pagan Radio.

4. The visualizer.

3. iTunes Music Store.

2. Gracenote CD Database.

1. Bonnie + ClydePod + iTunes = Happy Carrie.


The Top Ten Reasons I Should Be Your Intern

The Top Ten Reasons To Hire Me For An Intern:

10. I'm a pretty crappy Blogger and probably will not share the secrets of the office romance/post bathroom visit nonhandwasher/amazing and innovative business practices that will enable any and all competitors to surpass your company.

9. I own seven messenger bags, and I can look the part. Also, I have never auditioned for a reality television show.

8. I have a BBC addiction. Go on, ask me about the news! OOH! or the media!!

7. I'm fluent in Macintosh operating systems, but I did not get the tattoo.

6. You have no idea WHAT my undergraduate major was, but it sounds impressive and I did try to explain it twice.

5. I know the intended lyrics to the Bonanza theme song.

4. "I love technology, but not as much as you, you see..."

3. I haven't thrown up in seven years. No, seriously, thats pretty relevant to most government/politics work.

2. I bought the first season of Murphy Brown on DVD and I'll even let you borrow it.

1. I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me.