Things on my key ring(s)

1. RIT "It's all about respect" keytag. This says that if I lose my keys, the finder can just drop them into a mailbox and they'll go to RIT, get matched up with my name and info (last updated spring 2003) and be returned to me. But since then, I stopped going to school at RIT, changed my address, phone number and email...but maybe they could contact me through my parents? Oh, man, who knows...

2. Lilo and Stitch Carrie keyring with the broken I, this is complex, so here it is in steps...
Step A: My sister goes to DisneyWorld and makes it for me (it's a series of beads)
Step B: She gives it to me as a graduation/birthday gift (same day)
Step C: I lose it at their hotel in Rochester.
Step D: I go to Disney with my family a year (approximately) later. Al and I make a replacement keychain.
Step E: I close said keychain in the car door. I glue the broken I back together.

3. Food Lion MVP Customer tag. This is really Danielle's mvp food lion account, but she had an extra Food Lion one and I had an extra Ukrops. So we swapped.

4. Phoebe fishing lure: It was too small to really catch a fish, but it works REALLY well at scratching off lotto tickets.

5. Keys to my car, my current apartment, last year's apartment, my room, my parents' house (front door only) the Grad computer lab, and the MPR. Oh, and my mailbox

6. Baby Sharpie. Cutest marker ever. Have yet to see how useful this is because I just got it today. However, what could be more useful than a Sharpie?

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