phoning it in

What's going on man?
Why do I tweak every March?
But anyway, lots of love to Kate for linking my blog to hers to expand la readership.
I will link to her when I work out how to do that exactly...
Kate actually writes about substantive things and is coherent, perhaps you'll like her. Unfortunately if you like me, that may mean you aren't a fan of substantive and coherent. . .
"You're trailing off and did I catch a 'niner' in there? Were you calling from a Walkie-Talkie?"
so check out skibak8.blogspot.com
In other news:
Mikaylah got kicked off Idol tonight, and Yes, she sings worst, but, she was almost growing on me...ok, no, not really, but everyone else is a little bland. Nadia, I love you, no fauxhawk. Ever again.
ClydePod likes motown now.
I've readopted a beanie baby polar bear as my new computer mascot. She is white like Bonnie (the iBook) so theres that reference to the lime iMac (we had some good times, old computer) with the green frogs. Also, she references Philip Pullman and his armored bears. Also I have his illustration of Iorek on my desktop so I can look at it, and depending on mood/circumstances my relationship to his symbolism changes, for example he can mean determination, or toughness or creativity or strength, or love and when you think about it, thats rather Alethiometer-like isn't it? Cheers to you, Philip Pullman.
Bought The Poisonwood Bible at the Williamsburg library. Such a great book.
Watched the Star Wars episode III "webisodes" at moviefone.com
You know, maybe we've been going about this thinking all wrong. Perhaps we need to see these prequels as almost entirely a new genre or the experimental scifi genre, and not as the classics of old. Thats the brief synopsis, for more let's get some feedback.
Favorite sites of the week remain the BBC news and TelevisionWithoutPity.com
Song rising to the top of ChartCuppie: I'll Take You There by the Staple Singers
Currently playing: Chopin (I'm in mello classical mood)
Shouts to the Big Pete who immed out of the blue today.

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