Well, Diane, I'm surprised

Mandisa isssss outathere!!!! Got the news whilst at the Tribe Baseball game (depressing result against the Gerry Falwell college). Anyway, Mandisa?? as you can read below I thought top two!! But after the God shout out that was annoying and two so-so performances, I'm not hugely surprised. Surprised, but not hugely so. So, with this upset Let's look at where my standings are:
Group 1:
OUT: Kevin, Melissa
STILL IN: Bucky, and he's getting better! Thats a surprise.

Group 2: OUT: Lisa (and not a moment too soon, I'm not a fan)
STILL IN: Elliott and Kat

Group 3: Kellie, Ace, Taylor
Group 4: OUT: Mandisa
STILL IN: Chris, Paris

So my prediction? So-So.

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