Musings on Predictions

because what's going on with me? who cares.

Wednesday we bit a sad farewell to one Ms. Kellie "Sailmen" Pickler.

Ok, So here's who we have left.
Chris Daughtry
Paris Something
Kat McPhee
Taylor Hicks
Elliott Yamin

Who will win?
My money's still on Chris.

Next to go?
Paris, Elliott

Still love?
Kat, shes Katastic. Plus Ryan will be so, so sad when she leaves.

So, my top three is:
Taylor, Kat, Chris

Hope they find Taylor's real driver's license and proof he's 65 before the final 2 so that he gets disqualified. What's that? A Brittenium in the audience? Everybody check their purses and wallets. Flawless.

Carrie Out.


walterbenson28261687 said...
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k8 said...

ok, i don't watch AI, BUT i still think you should show a little support for elliott! my neoighbors have painted their car with slogans such as "i love elliott more than my dog!" and "get aboard the E-train."

Carrie said...

Yeah, the E train. That kid needs to stop looking like hes terrified and also, my girl, Kat? Shes my fav. But now i want TAYLOR FOR THE WIN. Because thats the funniest result.

blogaccount54 said...

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onfoyou said...

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