Thoughts on the Pope's passing.

Overwhelming, I feel good for the guy. He was 84 and very sick. He lived a good life. He was Pope. We should all be so lucky as to live such a life. So, if I belived in religion, or God, (and I still capitalize, you know, just in case.) and in Catholicism, as the Pope did, I'd say, he's going home. But George W. just said that. And you know how I hate to agree with him.
So here's to you, Pope.
Cheers, mate.

And in memory of the last time we stood on the same side, publicly, I say in tribute,
"The CCHS Class of 1999 supports the Papal prayer for peace in Kosovo."
And I'd add to that
Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Uganda, Columbia, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Georgia, Chechnia, Israel, The Nation of Palestine, Azerbaijan, Nepal, Laos, The Philippines, Burma.
And to the unheard, unnoticed victims of violence.

And so, I admire the pope's strength, love of life, and will to serve those who had no voice.
There are many good ripples.

Odpoczynek w pokoju, Ojciec.

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