yeah the Bell

Earlier on November 12, 2004...
So today I got Taco Bell for lunch: (two ranchero chicken tacos, cheese fries and an unsweetened iced tea) So I look at my mild sauce packets, and they say things now. “Single mild sauce seeks friendship, maybe more, live life one packet at a time, and mild sauce…the new ketchup.” That’s hysterical. Also, my Taco Bell experience was fairly quick and painless. They seem to have traded in their more apathetic employees for some hardcore type A ones. Basically they drill sergeant your order out of you. Then I got home and roommate A was watching star trek. It was the one where Wesley becomes a big kid on the enterprise and gets to stay. If you are a fan, I’ve never really watched before. Then my roommate went into the other room with roommate B and I was still eating my ranchero chicken taco. So I’m watching this and there’s I think a black hole, and apparently there’s an old Klingon legend about a black monster that eats ships. Now they’re in the black hole thing and the readings on the beeping machines are telling them funny things. There’s this great graphic on the screen that kinda looks like the old silk beginning to one life to live. Something’s up with Warf too. He’s having anger management issues. I think there is sexual tension between Jonathan Frakes and Patrick Stewart. Lavar Burton keeps having comic relief lines like “like the rat says, keep the trap, I’ll take the cheese” I never realized that Star Trek was so philosophical.
“Data: could a lack of dimension be another dimension unto itself?”
“Make it so, Data” Capin’ Patrick Stewart Is he Kirk? My Star Trek knowledge is limited. Holy crap Warf’s acting all crazy. And something’s messing with them, they are on this other ship inside the black hole that’s like an Enterprise sister ship, but not and so its like the same set but spooky and empty. And its like a big maze. Do Klingons come in different races? Maybe Data was right and they are in an alternate dimension. Haha they are like leaving rooms on the unenterprise and entering the same room from the otherside. It’s like those early Nintendo games or Pacman where you exit the left side on the screen and enter the right. Hey if I could be beamed somewhere, where would it be? Right now…well I’m kinda relaxing in the living room in my Target purple striped pj pants, a Hanes undershirt and my gray RIT sweatshirt. So I’d need a new outfit. I don’t think roommate A is coming back…Probably I’ll keep watching this trek episode though…Riker is kinda hot, is he still married to Laura from GH? OK so now there’s a giant face. (Oh he’s Captain Picard) so apparently they are being observed, ok ST just made a sex joke…OK some extra just got unnecessarily killed. So they are in some type of experiment by this superbeing. Not godlike exactly, but a cruel fourth grader type.
Wow. NASA sleep technology in your very own bed.

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